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First of all, welcome to my website and my new blog! Thanks for taking a chance and checking me out!

As photographers, we all love to see the earth, our world we live in. We spend hours out and about taking images and getting out of our beds, at all hours of the day and night with our gear on our backs, to capture the image we dream of in our minds. The landscape, blooms, or whatever inspires us keeps us moving forward in our photographic journey. And, then, halleluiah, we capture that image. Then what?

We go to our digital desktop and process. We process it beautifully. We love it, but are not satisfied or just want to go further than our eyes see. It is where our minds eye kicks in, and takes us to a place we envisioned in the beginning. We add brightness, color, plug-ins, etc., fine tune the image. Maybe add a texture or two and blend in with the original. Then, you see what you dreamed, imagined, or thought was in the first place. And, why not? It’s just an image.

Have fun with your photography! After all, that’s why we fell in love with shooting in the first place. Share your images, inspire, and dream to create your best! It is a journey to see where our heart takes us on this path of photography. When you share your vision, chances are, others may want to try to create what their minds eye sees too. At the very least, it will inspire others to create and dream. Isn’t it the creation that inspires us to go out and shoot in the first place? Please share your images. I would love to be inspired by you too!

I hope to share my images with you and give you tips and keep you updated on the newest plugins and thoughts in photography. Please sign up for my blog for updates!

Thank – You and I hope to hear for you!

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Elaine Radiss
Elaine Radiss
1 year ago

Hi Linda. We met in Death Valley with John and Cole. Your work is extraordinary. Your words inspire. Thank you. ????❤️