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All fine art images in the portfolios are available for purchase and will be signed and numbered.

All images will be printed on Hahnemuhle Willam Turner paper. Matting is a 100% rag archival museum board. Metal with acrylic prints and framed canvas prints are available.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me for details, as pricing changes with size, product chosen, and number of prints printed. Or contact:


Boswell Mourot Fine Art
1501 South Main Street, Suite H
Little Rock, AR 72202
Kyle Boswell
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Linda Harding headshot

You are only given one little spark of madness. You must not lose it.

I am a self-taught fine art photographer. My work is a dialogue between my imagination, my curiosity, and my desires to express the qualities of the transient, time and rebirth. I believe we all have the magical power to transcend reality. I see poetry in the days that seem to pass far too quickly and too slowly. In my images, I add metaphors and symbolism to enhance my narrative. I want to see a mystery, that unravels like a spool of thread for each individual to interpret. I explore the concepts of fantasy’s fairy tales and surrealism combined with the human form… our connection with nature. All my images are self-portraits in a certain way. Each image reflects little snippets of my life that show up, to pull viewers into another world to escape their own reality, and into an alternate space. I hope my art take people away from the everyday world, to a place of inspiration and fantasy. The view of this world is intensely powerful! A vast world lies hidden in our souls, just waiting to be released!

Weld the camera like a magic wand. Mummer a few joyful words… and on a good day, perhaps you can conjure up proof of a dream.


  Little Rock, AR, USA

  +1 501 804 8432