I just returned from Cuba on a workshop with Tony Sweet and John Barclay. For me, it was a life changer and trip of a lifetime.

First of all, of the 12 people that attended the workshop, we were all quick friends. From Really Right Stuff Carla, to Mark, the gifted storyteller and photographer supreme. Lifetime friends. We are lucky.

So, first of all, if you love photography, go to Cuba! It’s a dream full of emotion, connection with the locals, topography that’s amazing, architecture, and cars! As you step onto the streets in Havana, you feel as if you just stepped back in time. And, you did. They were only allowed to buy new cars a year or two back. And, only the wealthy can buy new cars.

Make no mistake, this is a third world country. They receive rations for food, monies, etc.. per month. These rations rarely exceed $40.00 dollars per month in Cuban pasos. Barely able to survive on the money, the Cubans become adept in the arts. Music, dance, painting, crafts, you name it. And, they love to share their crafts.

Here are a few images to share:


Dawn, Streets of Havana

So, as I am sure to continue to share this experience, I will try not to drive you crazy with too many images from Cuba. I am still so excited about the experience. If you have images to share from Cuba, bring them on! Let’s share this amazing place! I would love to see your images to show everyone about this incredible, unique place and inspire others to go to Cuba!

My next question is: What inspires You?!!

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Tammy Arick
Tammy Arick
4 years ago

I came to your site because I am a friend of Mike Turners. He had told me about your photography and website.

i love photography and absolutely love these images from Cuba. The subjects and color is spectacular. I have really enjoyed looking at your work. Your eye is incredible. Thank you.